It’s been such a long time

I know it’s been such a long time, but I must confess that I’ve been very lazy. There really is no excuse for my behaviour…oh well. Where to begin?

I suppose I can catch up on all of the things I’ve done the past year with pictures.

First off: my Game of Thrones Blanket No. 2,  I’ve done the Martell House Sigil.


Then I started a Red Wedding Blanket with the red direwolf.IMG_20140213_192017

I even made my first pair of socks! Then another pair!


I finished the Night’s Watch Scarf….1389287363696

And played with embroidery..


I even made Charlotte a new coat and a new pet bed.


I’m hoping that I will be able to keep up with the blog again, now that it’s a new year.  But we’ll see how it goes.  Next up: Throne Con III!

Really? Sold?!?

I never expected to really sell anything. After the debacle with the Game of Thrones blanket, I was feeling really depressed about anyone ever wanting to buy anything I made. But suddenly, I get an order from Etsy. I’ve sold one of my hats! And the person actually paid!
WOW! I can’t believe it!

Suddenly, I’m on a high and I want to make more hats!  I now have a renewed enthusiasm to making things.  I guess I was in a teeny rut…  But not anymore.  I’m going to go home and pull out the old needles for the hats… and start knitting another Clegane hat.  I also have a feeling I need to make a few more Jayne hats too. :)  I’m extremely happy.

Good Grief!

I am about 1/5 of the way complete with the Night’s Watch scarf…. so, I’ve decided to concentrate on just the scarf during the week (lunch break/vanpool ride/etc) and then on the weekend and at night, I can do a little bit of my next sweater.

I’ve also started a lovely baby alpaca scarf in “Fire and Blood” colors – red and black… and I absolutely love the feel of that yarn! It’s so yummy!

JoryTHEN, I come across crochet by numbers…. and I think. o O ( Can I do that knitting? ) I already know that it’s possible to do “cartoonish” artwork with knit stitches, but I’ve never tried to do a real portrait before and I’m up to the challenge.  I thought that it would be cool to do maybe the Stark family… but since I’ve not done this before, I figured that it might be more than I could handle.  So, I chose my favorite character in all of Game of Thrones, Jory Cassel… played by Scottish actor Jamie Sives.


After picking the photo, which is the best one in my opinion, I decided to play a little with it.  This is what I got… and hopefully, it’ll work out when I try to translate it into stitches.  I may do a little more work with the photo to get rid of unimportant lines… but I think it’ll hopefully look more or less like the bottom photo.


Of course, I can’t do any of this until I finish the other two projects and get rid of a few skeins of stash yarn… more hats, I suppose.


Monday Morning….

I can’t say that I did a lot over the weekend. I must admit that I slept a lot… I even managed to hit the grocery store early in the morning and went back to bed when I got back. I suppose I’m just trying to catch up on sleep.

Progress on the Night’s Watch Scarf: I’ve now done about 23 words out of 104. That doesn’t seem like a lot, I know, but it’s a small dent. I DID end up skipping a word by accident and so I had to undo the stitches Sunday morning – after I took a picture and realized the mistake. 1 hour of cursing, done… and I put the right word in.

Progress on the next sweater: It’s going slowly. It could be because I’m using acrylic yarn (good acrylic– but still). My hands just don’t want to move as quickly as it did when I tried using baby alpaca or regular wool on a project.

Progress on the minor houses blanket: I’m still working on Martell. Half way done knitting the panel… I just started embroidering the sigil… it’ll be a lot of work.

Other projects:

Sock — I pick it up when I’m bored… the cuff is done so far, but that’s about it.
Fire & Blood scarf: I think it’s cast on… I haven’t looked at it.

A Wee Token… and a New Sweater

photo 1I don’t remember if I wrote previously about how I wanted to sell my Game of Thrones blanket and hoped that the income from it would 1) cover the cost of the materials of the blanket ($200+) and 2) help cover the cost of my next trip to Throne Con in London for February 2014. Well… I had put it on eBay and hoped it would have some interest. There were a number of people watching it… and a fair number of people who viewed the listing. But no one bit. So, rather than relist and stress out all over again, I decided to make it into a farewell gift for a coworker. She loves Game of Thrones as well and I thought it would be a perfect token to remember us. I’m happy to report that she loved it!  And that’s all that matters to me anyway.

I found out that I’m not a seller… I never have been.  Even when I worked retail at the Pearl Factory on Fisherman’s Wharf, it was hard for me to push to sell… and in that shop, you really had to push to sell or you didn’t see much in the way of income.  I was bad at it.  Needless to say, I didn’t stay in that industry very long.  This was no different.  It seemed that I had my own opinions about how much my things are worth… and that price does not fall close to meeting what others think my things are worth. I really didn’t want to sell myself short and I didn’t. Of course, I didn’t get anything from giving away the blanket, either, at least nothing monetary. Instead, I got a nice warm, fuzzy feeling inside when I saw her face light up. I’m very happy right now.

sweater 2Sweater 1I have started my next sweater.  It’s very hard to see the sleeves in the pictures because the sweater is black.  But I did something a little different from the direwolf sweater.  The stitches in the sleeves are much more open and airy.  I hope that it looks good when I’m done.

Sweater done

imageAlmost like a big wooly hug, waiting for me to snuggle up to it. I’m finally done with the sweater… well.. it wasn’t hard to do.  I’ve been pretty sick all 4th of July weekend and so I had plenty of time to finish up the sleeves.

I’m now working on the panel for the House of Black and White — Readers of “A Song of Ice and Fire” series will know what I’m talking about… The hard part I’ve found is making the half black – half white panel in one piece without sewing two things together.  I’ve been basically twisting the yarn together so they two halves stay put all the way up.  We’ll see if that works.  Otherwise, I may have to sew… and I really don’t want to.

Also started another sweater — but it’ll be a short sleeve sweater for summer.  Of course, by the time I’m done, it’ll be fall, I’m sure :(